Designing the Cities of tomorrow

PADMA is a Model for the Cities of the Future and an example for the leaders of tomorrow.

A global initiation aiming to socially eliminate unhealthy afflictions as ignorance, egoism, desire for egoistic pleasures and dwelling upon pain.

Acting as a Platform for Research on Sustainability and Social Innovation, PADMA targets to raise Global Awareness and act as an Initiative on Educational Excellence for Conscious and Discriminative Innovation.


Through research and development within a dedicated space where users will create their own micro-community around their interests: the Intelligence Circles.


Matching individuals with the most relevant topics is a crucial point within PADMA. What makes the difference is the use of the ENNEAGRAM Personality Test.

Our task-force open-database, or SEEDLINGS, is a very valuable asset in designing the dynamics of our collaborative efforts. By registering all Social Innovators, hosts of Intelligence Circles can find the most efficient series of users, from within the community, that are more fit to join the project, based on the personality, the background and interests of the user.

We believe that each personality has its own strength. By embracing and joining those differences together, a natural boost of creativity will follow and kickstart Divergent Thinking.


Collaboration and shared Intelligence is today’s most powerful way of getting things done through digital tools and platforms on the internet (technology) but also through scientific models and intellectual formulas (knowledge – thought movements) which can also be used in physical spaces. That said, we have come to realize that an important aspect has been missing from all that:

PADMA offers mechanisms for experiencing inclusiveness designed specifically in a gamified and enjoyable way.


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